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Alternatives to Full Fitness for iPhone, Web, Android, iPad, Android Tablet and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Full Fitness.

Becoming and staying fit has never been easier than with Full Fitness! Over 300 exercises are explained with clear pictures, videos and text instructions all within the palm of your hand! If your looking for more info about Full Fitness like screenshots, reviews and comments you should visit our info page about it. Below you find the best alternatives.

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Alternatives to Full Fitness for all platforms with any license


    Looking to improve, motivate and track your workouts? Download Jefit, the best and most popular free Android and iPhone workout, bodybuilding and fitness app.

    Freemium Web Android iPhone

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    DAREBEE provides encompassing fitness information from workout plans to challenges daily dares. It's a free, non-profit, ad-free and product placement-free service funded by donations. All of the information here has been thoroughly researched and tested and provided free of charge. You can download and print anything – everything is provided in its entirety with no strings attached.

    Free Web

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  • Fitocracy

    Get addicted to fitness just like a video game, only you level up in real life. Join the best fitness community on the planet and get in the best shape ever.

    Free Web Android iPhone

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  • FitnessBliss

    FitnessBliss lets you create, print, track and chart your very own workout routines online. The fitness web app gives you access to a huge list of fitness exercises, totalling more than 750, all of which are depicted by animated illustrations. Take Control of your Workout Routines. Create your Free Account Now!

    Freemium Web

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  • Wrkout

    Wrkout is the most intuitive tracker, timer and journal for all your crossfit and bodybuilding workouts. It lets you track the reps, weights and time of each set you perform in a simple and flexible way. With its beautiful statistics it allows you to analyze and track your crossfit and bodybuilding progress. The included player makes your crossfit and bodybuilding workouts even more fun.

    Free iPhone

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  • Fitness Pro

    Fitness Pro 2.0 contains an impressive library with over 450 different exercises. You can build your own workout schemes, choose preset routines, keep track of your runs and fitness exercises. Right on your phone!

    Free iPhone

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  • mobiefit Body

    Get set for a fitness revolution with mobiefit BODY. It is the most effective fitness training program, adapted to your schedule, your fitness level and your goals, whether it is weight loss, shedding calories, body-building, toning and shaping, or simply learning the right exercise techniques. It features automatic rep counting, fitness tracking after each workout, ability to repeat your training for the day and a feature to perform next day's workouts.

    Free Android

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  • PT Essentials

    PT Essentials is a leading Tech Start-up business solution for Fitness Professionals. With over 1500 users, we enable Personal Trainers to manage their clients exercise routines, workout, schedules and business via our easy to use mobile responsive design. Based in Sydney, Australia – We’ve built a strong foundation with thousands of paying customers, a NSW innovation grant in 2014, Anthill cool company award and a small team of 3 ‘essentials’.

    Freemium Web

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  • idoo

    idoo is the first fitness app of its kind that measures your performance as you workout using you device's built in motion sensors. With idoo you have your own personal trainer in the palm of your hand. Meet Slim Kim and Chill Bill, the best personal trainers on Android and iPhone. idoo is the perfect fitness app for people who want to perform the workouts effectively at home.

    Freemium Android iPhone

    idoo icon
  • FocusDep

    Tool to track time, workouts, spending, reading, meditation, study, abs etc. Whatever you want to achieve that requires daily or weekly dedication.

    Freemium Web

    FocusDep icon
  • WeightRoom

    Intuitive and simple text based logging Quickly enter your workouts on any device with our simple to learn workout markup. Never again will you have to fill out hundreds of boxes. Now you can log your workouts as fast as you can type. Analyse everything Receive the analytics you need to optimise your fitness and reach your goals. We will give you all the information you need to make sure your training is on track and you are progressing well.

    Free Web

    WeightRoom icon
  • Gravitus

    Gravitus is the app for lifters. Track your workouts easily and efficiently with a UI designed to minimize tapping and maximize lifting. Add friends so you have lifting buddies to motivate you whether they’re in the same city or across the country. And compete with your friends on the exercise leaderboards, from everything from most crunches to strongest squat. For those of us who enjoy hitting the gym, Gravitus makes it even better.

    Free iPhone

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  • FitStadium

    FitStadium is a fitness app that helps you achieve the shape you want with customized, smart workouts that adjust instantly to suit your needs. Each exercise is picked to keep up with your progress and to maximize the results of every workout. This means you’ll get fitter, faster, and without wasting a single drop of sweat.

    Commercial Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad

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  • Fitness point

    Over 2.000.000 downloads! Optimized for iOS7! Best usability and design on the App Store among competitors! Create a personal workout or select one of the pre-defined workout plans to get you started right away! Fitness Point is a simple app, to follow your progress at the gym and much more. Just everything, that you need! Try the free version and purchase the PRO with additional features.

    Free iPhone

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  • Liftground

    Liftground is the ultimate training community app. Not only can you use it as a personal trainer, but you will be rewarded and motivated as you share your training plans and workouts with the community.

    Freemium Web

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  • OnTrack - Connected Fitness & Health

    In a crowded space of niche applications and software, OnTrack is aiming to provide a consolidated platform to help connect the health and fitness industry through technology.

    Free Web iPhone iPad

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  • Mammoth Hunters

    High intensity workouts: 7-20 min a day. Anytime, anywhere. No gym, no equipment. Paleo diet adapted to your lifestyle and goals. Try it for free and see results in 3 weeks. Mammoth Hunters was created by a team of scientists and nutrition experts to compile the knowledge acquired after helping hundreds of athletes and patients to reach their goals of health, performance or weight loss. Follow our blog at http://blog.mhunters.com and learn about the basis of our program.

    Free Web Android iPhone iPad

    Mammoth Hunters icon
  • BB Workout Log

    Bodybuilding Workout Log is a very easy to use fitness tracker application. Both beginners and experienced lifters (in bodybuilding, power lifting or fitness) will benefit from its simplicity and features which include: + free choice of exercises. You do not need to deal with a long list of exercises that you never use in your workouts.

    Free Android Android Tablet

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  • inshape

    inShape PT is now on sale! This offer is available for a limited time, so you'd better hurry! inShape Personal Trainer was made for people who struggle to put together their own personal workout program. Beginners, and even those who’ve been going to the gym for years, need to create a workout program that matches their current fitness level.

    Commercial $ $ $ iPhone

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    inshape icon
  • Dollar Lean Club

    Dollar Lean Club is a health and fitness service providing monthly custom workout programs and meal plans based on your fitness goals as well as automated accountability via a smart chat bot. The service starts at just a dollar a month, with higher premiums for meal plans and accountability bot service.

    Commercial Web

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  • 4-in-1 Fitness Pack

    4-In-1 fitness pack (equally beneficial for Men/Women) is a collection of four top rated fitness apps (Pushups for upper body, Sit-ups for 6 pack abs, Squats for perfect curves and Pull-ups trainer for V-Shaped torso) with 66.7% discount to total price 5.99$.If you are serious about increasing your strength and getting your body in perfect shape this is your chance to get premium high quality 4 fitness workout apps.

    Commercial Windows Phone

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  • DailyBurn

    Over 100 world-class workouts from elite trainers, available any time on any device.

    Freemium Web iPhone iPad

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  • FiTS

    Every one of us is different: we all have our own distinct personality. And that is why FiTS customizes its motivation and exercise program to each one of us individually to achieve a long-term behavioral change. More motivation With our Contextual Card Engine, the FiTS team supports and inspires you on a personal level at exactly the right moment. Especially at times when exercise is not going as well as it could. This makes it easier for you to stick with things and keep going (again).

    Commercial $ $ $ Android iPhone

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