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    This is our honest review, from April 2nd, 2020, of the classifieds system Flynax created and also from our experience working with them. This review will contain 3 major negative points because we do not recommend the system nor the company. False advertising with iOS and Android apps. The classifieds app for iOS and Android has nothing to do with the web version. There are no filters, meaning if your category has 1000 ads, users of the apps will have to paginate all 1000 ads page-by-page. Poor performance The reason the software works well in their demos is that it has only 30 ads and 5 users. We have a database of a couple of thousands of ads plus a few hundred users and everything runs sluggish. We evaluated other platforms too and even Wordpress style sites can handle the same database without problems. This is also false advertising. Difficult to work with Staff members like John, David, and Viktor have a poor command of English but will be the ones responding to your tickets. Often, it feels their replies are pre-written because they don't address the topic. They also have a hard time understanding requirements and are slow to deliver. For example, a developer named Viktor was assigned a customization to allow the creation of a new type of form field (tag input, from bootstrap). After one month he showed us a hardcoded field and with hardcoded datasets, completely missing the point of the customization that was written in clear English. Also, 30 days to create a hardcoded form field? It's a 2h job. The business model of this company is to sell the script, and that's why after-sale services such as support and customizations are so bad. Knowing their product is inferior, they have written a harsh Refund Policy that you can check at
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