ESET Endpoint Security

    ESET Endpoint Security is one of the products that does a lot of different functions, including anti-malware, anti-spam, web control, firewall, anti-phishing, exploit blocker, memory scanner and vulnerability shield, an extension of the firewall.


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    • dugaduga reviewed ESET Endpoint Security
      Amazing and far too underrated piece of security software here; possibly the best in the industry. It runs much faster and does not bog the system down like Windows Defender and also provides much better / added security. (you can leave defender exploit protection on and disable defender real-time scanner). Realtime scanning is fast, does not slow the computer down enough to warrant turning it off. It automatically detects games and presentations to ensure seamless performance. The main kernel only takes up between 9-50 megabytes of memory (You heard that right, less than windows search ui) & you can disable the GUI on boot to save another 50 megs, That may vary over time but this was my experience. Incredibly efficient design and has been for as long as I can remember, at least 10 years ago. It is one of the few security programs that offers ARP spoof protection (Symantec endpoint security is another) It also offers HTTPS scanning which I personally turned off, due to the potential dangers and zero day threats introduced with the high surface attack area of the TLS stack; Handling TLS certs in non browsers is [the most dangerous code in the world.]( Source [#2]( This feature actually sped up my browsing considerably (30-40%, due to my browsers strict TLS settings and browser policy, which I believe eset bypassed) I love how much you can customize this software & its logs. You can turn off whatever you don't want or need, its light-weight, thorough, and incredibly effective! Not free at $160, but one of the best if not ___thee best___ on the market right now. Highly recommended! Get this or Eset Internet Security. _[Edited by dugaduga, March 07]_
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      almost 3 years ago