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Taking "copy" and "paste" to a whole new level.

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Copying and pasting are fundamental essentials of computing, but have you ever hit Ctrl+C to copy an item and then accidentally hit Ctrl+C again on some other item and overwritten the original item thus having to go back and recopy it? Who hasn't. Ever had several items to copy from one location to another and had to swap back and forth between applications copying and pasting each one at a time? Again, this is probably familiar to all of us.

Well, the lightweight and highly configurable little app named Ditto provides easy solutions to all these problems along with a wealth of other features that, together, make the Windows Clipboard a relic of the ancient past. In short, if there's a certain capability or capabilities that you've always wished the Windows Clipboard had, Ditto probably does it.

At the core of the application is the ability paste up to ten of the last copies via hotkey. For example, let's say you want to cherry-pick ten isolated sentences out of a large body of text and paste them into a new document. You simply copy each sentence one after another (via Ctrl+C, right-click context menu, etc. just as before) and then swap to your new document and paste each sentence with rapid fire using the hotkeys. That saves you from ten instances of having to copy, swap to new document, paste, swap back to source document, over and over again.

Additionally, triggering Ditto's main hotkey brings up a clipboard window that shows customizable previews of all recent copies and allows pasting simply by arrowing to the copy you want to paste and hitting enter to paste it (or scroll with the mouse and double click to do the same). Not only does this make a great alternative to using the hotkeys to copy and paste batches of data without lots of task swapping, the Ditto clipboard window is also extremely handy if you copied something important in the past -- be it minutes, hours or even days previous (the depth of Ditto's "memory" is customizable in options) -- and wherever you pasted it to is now lost, damaged or otherwise inaccessible, you can just dig into Ditto's clipboard and retrieve it.

Once you get "under the hood" with Ditto you will find that it's highly configurable on top of it's already very useful core features. Key examples include the ability to customize hotkeys (including Win key support) and the ability to define exactly what Ditto handles and how long it keeps track of it. Specifically, you can define how long Ditto retains copies on it's clipboard, the maximum amount of copies to retain, the maximum size of copies to be handled, and what sort of copied data is to be handled (text, rich text, graphics, sound, etc.). Anything not handled by Ditto is simply handled by the Windows Clipboard in the traditional copy/paste manner instead of being added to the queue of contents in Ditto's Clipboard. This is particularly useful for people who copy/paste data that is relatively large in size, e.g. working with high res photography in Photoshop where a single copy/paste may be several megabytes in size. (Ditto can handle this data if you want it to, but you'll find that the database it stores its clipboard in will become extremely bloated the more you dump massive copies into it and it will eventually slow down Ditto's overall responsiveness on an average computer.)

Furthermore, the clipboard is even networkable with other clipboards which can be invaluable in, say, office environments where pooling data is crucial. However, this feature as well as the fact that Ditto can "remember" so much of your data -- perhaps very private data -- may be alarming to some users. Fear not, everything mentioned here (and more) isn't just configurable, it can be completely turned off as well for those who have privacy concerns.

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A great lazy and universal way of saving your text-based documents

  • CTRL+A
  • CTRL+C

your files saved now. Doesn't matter where you are at (reddit, a markdown file, a word doc, an email, etc) works everywhere. Now you have a 2ndary temporary backup option

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ditto's database is not good, deleting takes a long time, and db file becoming bigger and bigger even i delete some records.

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Really useful tool for a developer, or just people browsing internet, or editing document. The search is perfect too.

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First tool i install on a new computer, along with Conemu

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I was looking for something like this for over two decades - since I met the Clipbook in Windows 3.11. I found some alternatives, but they were commercial and/or lacked features I needed and/or unstable...
And now I found Ditto, that not only knows anything the old Clipbook did, but offers more, much more. I didn't have the time to try all options but I can't wait, so I'll keep this short.
Where and why did you hide this gem from me?


Best Clipboard Manager

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with this clipboard, nothing to worry if u want to cut/copy/paste everything


Really useful tool

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It is a tool that I use from several years every day. It consume few resources and react really fast. There ia a lot of options to adapt it to your specific needs.

Really a great tool.


Ditto for Android! ^_^

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As in the topic --> I would like to have Ditto for Android system! :-D


Try using Clip Stack. It's open-source, just like Ditto. Clip Stack is available on Play Store and F-Droid.

Compatibility with Windows 8

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It seems that Ditto works weirdly on Windows 8. The Ditto and the option window show behind other windows. And the taskbar icon disappears somehow after few minutes.

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I have Ditto on Windows 10 and works great. Do you have the latest version and prober (x86 vs x64) bit ?

Only Ethervane Echo can store clipboards with 1300 lines

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Only "Ethervane Echo" has an Export-Funktion to very big txt-files:

In difference to "ClipBoard Helper" (max. 300 lines) or Clipboardic this app "Ethervane Echo" works stable, even if the text is very big and has 1 milion lines. If you copy a ClipBoard with 1300 lines you see the progress by counting up the lines. In all other ClipBoard-saving apps (incl. the German ClipSave) which I know, the apps loose stability, if a very big text with more than 1000 lines is copied to the clipboard.

Ditto cannot export or save text from the clipboard to txt-files

Ditto only can export to *.dto-files, which you cannot read with a text-editor.


Actually, it is possible to exporting Ditto's clipboard queue -- be it a single entry, a range of entries, multiple ranges, or every clip currently in the queue.

First, to clarify, Ditto's "Export" feature (which saves the queue as a *.dto file [see note below]) is a bit misleading in its use of the word "Export" as the feature is apparently used for backup purposes as well as managing/sharing clipboard queues across multiple computers each with their own installation of Ditto.

However, saving clip(s) from Ditto's clipboard queue -- i.e. "exporting" in the manner that you and likely most users would expect -- can be done easily via Ditto's Quick Paste window.

Simply open a new document in your text editor of choice (e.g. Notepad, MS Word, Google Docs, etc.), then open the Quick Paste window, then select whichever clips you want to "export" (even the entire queue if desired), and then drag-and-drop your selection from Quick Paste to the new document in your text editor. And, voilĂ ! -- the selections from the clipboard Queue have now been duplicated in the new document and are ready to be used for whatever purpose and all with no affect or impact on the content of the actual clipboard queue itself.

Finally, just as a test, I decide to export my entire queue as a means of benchmarking this process since my queue has grown very large after a lot of recent use and being long overdue for a database compacting. The resulting file contained 117,026 lines of text and 4,416,552 total characters and amounted to a ~5.5 MB file. The process took 2-3 minutes (and on a very low spec computer at that) during which Ditto was unresponsive, but it had no impact on other apps or system resources.

[note : Regarding the *.dto files, these are actually just database files of the SQLite format but without the typical *.db filename extension. There's a variety of apps which provided detailed views of the contents as well as the means to export the data to other useful formats. For example, SQLite Database Browser is a handy freeware db viewer that can export to the common *.csv format which of course can easily be loaded as full-fledged spreadsheets in many apps such as Excel and Calc opening the door for all manner of analysis and manipulation of your long-term clipboard activity.]

The best there is

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This is the best free clipboard manager I have tried. I used to prefer ClipX because it's easier to use, and has a better user interface, but it hasn't been updated since 2005, while Ditto is much more actively developed. I ought to try some of the commercial managers, but I don't want a huge program slowing down my computer, and don't want to pay for a small program that is more complicated than necessary.


Fantastic clipboard manager

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I really love this super simple clipboard manager. It is very light weight and customisable!

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Simple, reliable, require really few resources