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    DigitMarket™ API Manager (DM-APIM) helps manage your APIs, makes you a platform enabler, grow profitable partnerships and build new channels.

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    • shalini_p commented on DigitMarket API Manager
      DigitMarket suite of products, mainly the Marketplace and API manager were a great fit for our B2B education platform for digital skills - CareerLadders. Career Ladders was born with the explicit purpose of enabling hands-on application of learning, such that it benefits the individual employees’ career progression goals, in alignment with enterprise digital objectives. DigitMarket provided a high degree of flexibility through customizing specific features such as custom flows for partner onboarding, dynamic forms, workflows, etc. This was possible as its core components are provided as an API-first and headless model. We are using the product for two years now and have been the beneficiaries of new features such as visual modelling of workflows within the product, enhanced analytics, etc that were released post purchase. Torry Harris, the product vendor was very responsive to support queries and new feature requests. The built-in API management functionality helped our training partners to publish course catalogues and content as APIs. DigitMarket’s self-service module allows our partners to manage content directly. The Analytics feature helps me visualise current and past transactions and better plan and manage the demand/supply. The Built-in rating capability helps me track and control the quality of my supplier’s services. I was pleasantly surprised with the product pricing, which is very reasonable compared to other options we evaluated in the market with the same feature set. Definite value for money! Pros and Cons I see are: Pros: 1. Rich feature set (flexible partner onboarding, high degree of customizability, API-driven, etc.) at a reasonable price point 2. Availability in SaaS and on-premise options 3. Combined Digital Marketplace and API Management, which avoids having to procure an additional product 4. Very good service support and responsiveness of product vendor 5. Headless Architecture using API-first approach, in addition to default templates Cons: 1. Additional default site templates could be provided as a bundle. Not much of a concern as we leveraged the headless option to tailor our own Marketplace UI.
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      8 months ago