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      about 1 month ago
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      5 months ago
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      TBayAreaPat reviewed Defraggler
      This seems painfully slow compared to IObit Smart Defrag.. not that I've done painfully thorough comparisons. When Defraggler said it would take over a day to finish, I did several passes with IObit to compare going back and forth between the programs 1st pass with IObit (9 min).. the time for Defraggler was brought down from over a day to 10 hours with the number of fragmented files going from 717 to 114.. thou admittedly the total fragments went higher from 2800 to 3700. 2nd pass IObit (4 min) the time for Defraggler was brought down from the previous 10 hours to 8 hours.. similar experience .. fragmented files decreased and fragments increased 3rd pass (20 min) this had a retroactive effect and the Defraggler time went back to over a day Summary.. there's probably more efficient Defraggers out there, but if you must stay with Defraggler, 2 passes of IObit first might improve its efficiency greatly.
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      6 months ago