CTemplar offers users the world’s most secure encrypted email program. CTemplar’s security does not lie solely in its advanced encryption. CTemplar is structured and domiciled so as to best protect your data from information requests.

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      Is CTemplar based in Iceland or Seychelles? Right at the bottom on their [homepage](https://ctemplar.com) you can read: > **Send a letter** > Orange Project ehf Armula > 4&6 Reykjavik, 108 > Iceland and "©2021 Templar Software Systems Ltd., a Seychelles Limited Liability Company." Also, who's the CEO of CTemplar: [Paul M.](https://ctemplar.com/about/) or [Godfrey de Saint-Omer](https://ctemplar.com/email-creation-restriction/)? _[Edited by AB6hyF0, January 25]_ Again, who's the owner of CTemplar: [Godfrey de Saint-Omer](https://ctemplar.com/email-creation-restriction/) or Hugues De Payns (to find this name, access https://mail.ctemplar.com/ with JavaScript disabled)?
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