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    CryptoLoot is a Javascript miner for Monero, a great coinhive alternative with cheaper fees and faster hashrates.


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      Beware of this scam! I chose Cryptoloot after Coinhive closed because they had quite similar integration, so it was easier to move. I even made a mistake of recommending it to several people... It seemed quite OK at first, although the UI miner crashed a lot. But then I tried to ask for a payment (had 1XMR+ generated). Nothing happened so I contacted them. After second time contacting they just replied "your shares are fake" and banned me. Now when I open the site I see: User: banned Reason: Hacking If I was really hacking they could've banned me before I asked for the payment. But no, they waited to get as many hashes from me as possible and only when they needed to pay they slammed the banhammer. I've earned A LOT XMR on Coinhive before they closed, never had a problem with them. And Cryptoloot just banned me as soon as I requested for payment, with no reason and no explanations. Just later have I found that there are more people like me - who get banned right after asking for a payment. Again, **beware of Cryptoloot scam**! All positive reviews online are probably written by themselves so don;t fall for it. I write this review because I'm frustrated for the stolen XMRs and also to undo the harm I've done by recommending this scamhole of a website to others without actually making sure they pay.
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      about 2 years ago
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