Alternatives to ContextEdit for all platforms with any license

  • ShellExView

    Shell Extensions are in-process COM objects which extends the abilities of Windows operating system. Most shell extensions are automatically installed by the operating...

    • There are 3 utilities there... together you'll manage all aspect of Shell Menus Guest • Apr 2019 Disagree   Agree

    Free Windows Windows Explorer

    ShellExView icon
  • ShellMenuView

    ShellMenuView is a small utility that display the list of static menu items that appeared in the context menu when you right-click a file/folder on Windows Explorer

    Free Windows

    ShellMenuView icon
  • Right Click Enhancer

    Right Click Enhancer gives you power to control the right click menu everyone uses. Right Click Enhancer allows yo to edit your right click menu in the way you want. Now...

    Freemium Windows

    Right Click Enhancer icon
  • Context Menu Editor

    Context Menu Editor can view and delete links to programs on your context menus (the popup menus you see when you right-click). Context Menu Editor does not delete the...

    • Discontinued The official website is no longer available. Last version can be still downloaded from Wayback Machine.

    Free Windows

    Context Menu Editor icon
  • ShellMenuNew

    ShellMenuNew is a small utility that displays the list of all menu items in the 'New' submenu of Windows Explorer. It allows you to easily disable unwanted menu...

    Free Windows

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  • Fast Explorer

    Fast Explorer is a handy Windows shell context menu editor that allows you to add new menu items, cascaded menus, customize menu bitmaps and hint text, and even clean up...

    • Discontinued The official website is no longer available. Last version,, released in August 2008, can be still downloaded from SoftPedia

    Free Windows Windows Explorer

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  • MenuMaid

    Are you looking for a fast and easy way to clean up your Window Explorer and Internet Explorer right-click (context) menu? Look no further. MenuMaid makes it simple!...

    Free Windows

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  • Right-Click Extender

    Right-Click Extender will allow you to add or remove the following additional options to a File, Folder, Computer and Desktops Right Click Context Menu.

    Free Windows

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  • ShellNewHandler

    ShellNewHandler is an Open-Source Tool to enable/disable ShellNew entries, aka New File context menu entries from Windows Explorer in Vista and Windows 7. Check or...

    Free Open Source Windows

  • ShellNewSettings

    ShellNewSettings is a free tool for Windows to remove items from Explorer's "new" menu. The "new" item list can easily get bloated and this...

    Free Windows

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ContextEdit Comments

Comment by bawldiggle
about ContextEdit · Mar 2019 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Not for faint hearted nor inexperienced users.
The developer Gregory A. Wolking is long gone so has his website.
Softpedia - ContextEdit is the only safe vendor.
Wolking last updated the code on 29-Mar-2002, but with 250,725 downloads it has been a very popular tool for those in-the-know.

The latest Softpedia - ContextEdit download is ZIPped container ...

  1. Setup.exe is the installer EXE file ( ContexEdit is not portable)
  2. must be extracted to access the 2 HELP files, depending on your OS.

AfxDlg.rtf . . . . for Win-10 users
ContextEdit.HLP . . . . . for Win-7/8.x ... and I presume earlier Win OS


Help file is missing from ZIP package and program is very old

Comment by bawldiggle
about ContextEdit · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

ContextEdit is very old ... 2001.
The help file is missing from the ZIP download
Installer only, no portable version
Very versatile; file associations, modify (files/folder) context menu
Maybe its the very dated GUI that puts me off.