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Suspicious Activities and Awful Business Model

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I used Comodo IceDrogon for months, not because it has any interesting features but only because I nee to run multiple firefox-based browsers to word on different tasks, and as you may know, many firefox based browsers cannot run simultaneously, but IceDrogan can.
So I installed it and used it. Today IceDragon asked for update and required privileges granted for update, after 2, 3 minutes firewall asked my to let or block IceDragon's activities and let it to do everything it required. Browser updated but installed Comodo Cloud Antivirus without explicitly notifying my about it or asking any questions that I like it application or not or showing installation progress bar. This is the first problem.
After opening IceDragon it shown a notification bar in the bottom of browser windows about sending statistics and crash report with a button to change settings, exactly like what Firefox show in this situation, but when I clicked the button to disable this feature, IceDragon did not show the relevant page, I check all settings pages and could not find the option to disable sending data and statistics, when checked by Firefox I found that Firefox in Options > Advanced page has a tab named Data Choices that there you can easily disable this feature and IceDragon intentionaly and suspiciously removed this tab so it will send data (what it wants and we do not know anything about it) without users permission. This is the second problem.

Now it think we all should consider Comodo IceDragon a suspicious application, if not a malicious one and those how control and regulate companies policies - in relation to users privacy - should do something against companies that do everything to gain one penny more.

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[Edited by Nariman, October 20]


cnet down load manager

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Any site that uses cnet to download it's product then forces the user to use "their" download manager is NOT a product I would use or recommend to anyone else. I've found to many products filled with the opposite of what they claim when using such sites. There is an abundance of web browsers out there if one looks careful enough.

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Old information.

The main download link is a DIRECT download from comodo.