Code Compare is a free file and folder merge tool from Devart. New version of Code Compare comes with significantly increased startup speed:
- Standalone application start is two times faster;
- Opening a file comparison document in Visual Studio is two times faster;
- Considerable acceleration of the first environment start after installing Code Compare.

The text comparison interface of the application has been reworked to become more self-explanatory and user-friendly. Now practically all elements of this diff and merge tool's interface have their own function.

Folder comparison has been enhanced with a range of new features.
- The speed of directory comparison has increased by 40%;
- Commands for navigation through changes have been implemented;
- Commands for multiple files selection by the type of change have been added;
- The possibility to copy the selected files to a user-defined directory has been added;
- The concepts of copying files and synchronizing directories have been split. From now on the user manages the process of changes moving in a more accurate way;
- The possibility to overwrite read-only files during copying has been added.

Code Compare integration into the Atmel Studio has been implemented. Developers of Atmel processor-based and micro-controller applications are able to use all the advantages of Code Compare integration into the development environment.

Key features:
* Two-way file comparison and merge
* Folder comparison and merge
* Integration into Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019
* Command line interface and VCS integration
* File editor with search and bookmarks
* Use Intellisense while comparing code
* Syntax highlighting for multiple languages
* Show changes within compared code lines



Pricing Information

One time purchase (perpetual license) that cost about $70

Supported Platforms


Links to official Code Compare sites

Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


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File Management Development


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