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    Cheat Engine is an open source memory scanner/hex editor/debugger for Windows.

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    • Source reviewed Cheat Engine
      Comes with a great number of tools and ease of use and is also free, however comes bundled with malware, should honestly probably only be used inside a Windows VM.
      27 days ago
    • Weltall reviewed Cheat Engine
      First let me point out the "Malware" part of it. The most amusing part of it, is how the two bundleware offers I got was CCleaner and Avast, while Avast is one of the VirusTotal engines that presents it as Malware....... the irony. Just to test out if the malware part (at least nowadays, as I do not know what was happening when it was reported), I scanned first my PC with MBAM, AdwCleaner, Junk Removal Tool and RogueKiller, making sure my PC is 100% clean. Then I installed CheatEngine and then scanned my PC all over again with all of them. The only positive I got was **standalonephase1.dat** which is marked by MBAM as a PUP.Optional.GameHack.. which actually it indeed it is, then my PC was malware free. At least current version (7.2) seems to be totally free of malware, afar from the offers of CCleaner and Avast that is.. I honestly do feel Avast is crapware indeed. With that said, I want to say I love CheatEngine. It lets you "cheat" as the name implies and even can replace nowadays Trainers, if you can find a user made premade Cheat Table that you can just tick through cheats and use. One though of it's biggest features for me is the Speedhack. It has a lot of uses, be it slowing down or speeding up games, as long as the game will allow you. Loved it, love it and always will =D
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      27 days ago
    • La
      LadyCash liked Cheat Engine
      2 months ago