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Top positive commentMay 10, 2020

A very simple and clean yet very powerful object oriented programming language that combine the simplicity of the BASIC programming language with advanced OOP features that you can find in most modern programming languages such as C#, Java and JavaScript. It comes bundled with a light weight cross-platform IDE and lightning fast rendering engine. Compared to some popular game engines and frameworks I get 5-10 times better performance with Cerberus X and lot of freedom and power. I love it.

If you want to develop for HTML5 and Desktop, Cerberus has virtually no dependencies to worry about and no installation and configuration of 3rd party SDK's required. You can just download, launch, code your game and run. Super easy and trouble free. But you can also develop for Android and iOS. Cerberus is primarily focusing on 2D but you get full access to the OpenGL 1.x and 2.x graphics API and develop even 3D games this way. There is even a few 3rd party 3D modules available for Cerberus X if you feel like you need one.

My favourite feature of cerberus is the built-in 2D Light system with support for normal maps and shadow casting, it is super easy to create lights and shadows in our games. Most 2D game frameworks out there does not offer you any built-in solution for 2D lights and even if they do they don't support normal maps and shadows or limited to certain platforms only. In Cerberus we can create beautiful lights on all platforms at great speed.

An other nice thing about it is that if you care you can target even old 32bit hardware that support only OpenGL 1.x. Most today game frameworks and engines no longer support anything older than OpenGL 2.x or 3.x which does not work with many old 32bit machines. So if you want to target old hardware but would like to use a modern tool and programming language, Cerberus is a really nice option, and maybe the only option really other than coding directly in C or C++.

All in all, it is a really awesome programming language, I can highly recommend to everyone who interested in game programming.

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