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    • nu
      nu977h6hsmr2 reviewed Bitso24
      I bought Master Plan which have 250GB disk space and 30 slots. Everything else is unlimited. that was their highest plan. It is my first month and i m disappointed with their service. Download speed is terrible and admin never reply to your emails no matter what. Now as i mentioned above i have Master plan. Website says you will have 30 slots but NO you get 8 slots to DL/UP. Tried contacting support several times but no reply. I am glad i bought 1 month test from them so i cannot get scammed but trust me this website do not worth giving a try as even with 8 slots i get bad download speed. I tested it by creating a private torrent and seeded that torrent from 1 GB/S uplink server but Bitso cannot get much higher then 3MB/s on that torrent. If you are planning to use them to download in bulk then it will take ages to download your 100 movies. Be Aware of this scam site as they do not deliver what they promised to.
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      8 months ago
    • Pe
      Peymann reviewed Bitso24
      Awful Service! The admin enters the User's client and is constantly taking Screenshots. It is not clear what he does woth PIDs. He replies to the tickets when he wants to and when he feels like it.
      9 months ago
    • Shuunen liked Bitso24
      10 months ago