Alternatives to BillMonk for all platforms with any license

  • Splitwise

    Splitwise is a free tool for friends and roommates to track bills and other shared expenses, so that everyone gets paid back. On the web, iPhone, and Android!

    Free Web Android iPhone

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  • ihatemoney

    This is a really tiny app to ease the shared houses budget management. Keep track of who bought what, when, and for who to then compute the balance of each person.

    Free Open Source Self-Hosted

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  • WieBetaaltWat

    With WieBetaaltWat you can manage a list with your shared expenses. Easily enter your expenses and check the group balance. Settle the list and it calculates exactly who...

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet

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  • Splid

    Splid helps friends manage their money. Perfect for vacations, share housing and groups who need to share expenses, Splid keeps track of every transaction and shows who...

    Free iPhone

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  • Tabbt

    Tabbt is the best way to share everyday expenses with your friends. A Tab is created within seconds: After paying for your group, you enter the total amount, add your...

    Free Android iPhone iPad

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  • WhoseBill

    WhoseBill takes a new approach to sorting out money with your friends. It keeps track of everything in one place, offsetting debts and payments against each other, and...

    Free Web

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  • TabSplit

    TabSplit allows users to keep track of their "social debts". So if you go out and share a tab it’s easy to split it up between your friends and know who has...

    Free Web Android

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  • Billsup

    Billsup is the tool that aims to simplify your life! Enjoy time with your friends without worrying too much about money, debts, and how much you owe each other - let...

    Free Web Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone ... iPad

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    Sharing Bills & Expenses made simple. Split household bills, daily expenses and personal IOUs with friends and flatmates. Ideal for rent, groceries, utilities...

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  • BillPin

    BillPin is the simplest way to split bills and track shared expenses amongst friends. Paid for rent? Buddy paid for your dinner? Bought movie tickets for the group?...

    Free iPhone

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BillMonk Comments

I think WhoseBill is the answer!

Comment by salhumphries
about BillMonk · Aug 2012 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

WhoseBill is such an easy website for me and my friends and family to access. I mainly use it for regular bills between friends and for group holidays where you set up a pool and invite others to join. They don’t have to, mind, but it means anyone can input the bills.

I also record one off loans and payments on it just so I’ve got it logged all in the same place.

It was quick to set up and I’ve used it for more than 2 years now. I like the layout and it’s easy to navigate your way around. I had a brief look at other options but WhoseBill suited my needs perfectly and it’s never let me down.

It was free to sign up too and I’d definitely recommend them. :-)


Billmonk is dead, so Splitwise is your best bet.

Comment by JonLim
about BillMonk and Splitwise · Aug 2012 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Having gone through the majority of the alternatives in this list, it seems like Splitwise is the only one that can even be comparable to Billmonk.


  • Quick, snappy interface that is well thought out
  • Responsive support team and open to feedback
  • Well designed and easy to on-board friends and start putting bills into it


  • Bill inputting uses a small javascript modal window (as of August 13, 2012)
  • Itemizing your bill turns it into an "uneven split" bill after submission, making editing it extremely painful
  • No ability to attach multiple payers to a single bill

It has a ton of potential, and it seems to have an active team behind it. Going to stick with it and hope it goes better than Billmonk!

[Edited by JonLim, August 14]

[Edited by JonLim, August 14]


billmonk isn't dead

Splitwise is about to do a big relaunch in the next few weeks. We've added and changed a ton of stuff, and have lots more coming online in the very near future. We even have an importer that Billmonk users can use to input their exported data from their old accounts. Please come give us a try!

Hi Jon,

Did you look at

Looking at your CONS list, you can already add multiple payers to bills and the inputting of bill data is clear on the screen rather than a pop up window.

I don’t know about itemised billing but I’m sure if you drop them a line they’d answer. Perhaps a test to see how good their support is?

Hope you find a solution. I’ve enjoyed using Whosebill and never had any problems.

@Nellie: Seconded!

@Salhumphries: I gave WhoseBill a test run when I was looking at Billmonk's alternatives here, and its UI simply cannot compare to Splitwise. Not only is there no support for multiple payers (I don't even know how to put a payer) but it's not very intuitive, and I couldn't even add a bill because it would tell me to "Please check the errors below..." and there would be absolutely no errors in my entry at all.

Frankly, it was one step above most of the other alternatives, but it still felt cruddy to use (a la Billmonk) and did not accomplish most of the things I needed from it. Thanks anyway!

Hi Jon,

It does support multiple payers... add a joint bill, add the participants and select partial/multiple payments. I haven’t used this feature recently but did when I first signed up and have just checked that it’s still there.

The UI is down to personal choice I guess, there are little bits on Whosebill which could be improved but the maths behind it always works for me. You haven’t said what your particular problems were with Billmonk and I’ve never used it but Whosebill has never given me the problems other people seem to be reporting about it.

There are lots of alternatives out there and it’s good to have forums to share preferences.

I like splitwise, but our group recently switched to billsup because of the cons mentioned by jon. I actually really like billsup as well: their interface is pretty simple and they don't force groups on you.

@nellie thanks for the update, we'll wait for your relaunch and re-evaluate

I just started using BillPin recently, and I have to say it's better than any other apps I have tried. All the cons listed above do not apply to BillPin which is why I made the switch. Their interface, both the app and web, are very neat and simple. It's extremely user-friendly, and you can also import all your BillMonk data onto BillPin ( ).

BillPin is highly recommended. I have a feeling that BillPin is going to be the next BillMonk...without dying. Lol.

I am late to this thread, but I recently encountered

I loved the tool, they have gone out of traditional ways and have much more features like - Stock, Trip (with virtual users).