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Thank you, Small AlternativeTo iconAlternativeTo , for your help in finding new solutions!


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The best online site with the most recommandations I saw on the Internet. Well-done to your team !


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After Wikipedia this is my 'go-to' resource where I can be confident that I'll be getting unbiased recommendations and balanced crowd-sourced reviews and comments.


  1. Crowd sourced
  2. Facilitates discovery of lesser known alternatives to popular software / services
  3. Allows for wiki-style moderation and IMDB-style lists' curation


  1. The UI is poorly designed without consideration for those who might NOT have Retina / 4K monitors; or those who may have vision handicap in distinguishing typeface from background when both are just slightly different shades of the same colour - blue(?)

  2. Advertisements - even if you have an approved registered account, you are disallowed to report issues with any entries unless you turn off, both, any adblock, and any anti-adblock-killer.

  3. Crowd-Sourcing - while I have listed this as it's strength, it is also, simultaneous, it's weakness. This is because it permits making spurious &/or spammy entries which, thus, leach link-juice to game their own SEO.

  4. Their filter can be gamed by classifying paid offerings as FREEMIUM , which will, then, show whenever filtering for "Free"

Wish List / Desirable Improvements

  1. Filtering by multiple criteria: Presently, filter criteria can't be stacked but must be layered recursively, which is tedious.

  2. Sticky filter choices: Even if you have created an account and are logged into it, filtering choices aren't remembered by account or by software/service entry. This should be relatively trivial to implement using cookies considering that cookies are already being used but solely for serving advertisements and tracking social media.

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Nice service

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Very useful, but mobile version is too heavy and not so handy.


Why the two star rating though?

If you think the site is useful, you shouldn't rate it with 2 stars just because of a single issue :)

3 — normal. 4 — good. 5 — perfect.

The service was just normal with some problems for an April 2017.

Great service

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Great place to be, btw



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thank you for helping us find better options for almost everything


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Definitely the best source for finding alternatives to nearly any software out there, specially for open-source enthusiasts.


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While there may be alternatives, there is no competitor to the platform we contribute to. It is the AppStore for Microsoft Windows desktop software and so much more than that.


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It's just what I need. Been using it for years now


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First, I edited Website of X. Save. I want to add Screenshot of X. Nope, need admin to admit Website. 10+ hours passed.

Second, does not have export of my applications-likes nor export whole data, may be with some time delay or amount limit, in form of graph.

Third, not open delayed core nor distributed . Means one day I will lost access to utility.

Forth, spam me with popups when I like application. I do not want.

Five, I may like application and it will be considered alternative, but I want to like application in list. So need to like buttons.

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Does not allow country listings. So if the software restricted to one country, it isn't listed.

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2 star changed to one star for USA favoritism. Completely unacceptable.


Hi there!

Geo restrictions is a mess and we do not like them more than you do. However we have to do the best of the situation and the best would of course be to have a global team with language experts and a localized site for most major countries and markets but that is expensive and not realistic for us as the moment. We do want to make improvements for this however and we will add a "market" attribute to apps sometime in the near future hopefully, we will probably only allow English though but it will be an improvement :)

But for now we have to draw the line somewhere and at the moment we have drawn that line to allow "Major US services" and of course allow stuff that are available in the US + more countries. And since we are humans we sometimes even do exceptions for that, for example (as we are from Sweden) we knew that when Spotify arrived it was going to be a major service with a large coverage of markets around the world so we would probably allow "the new spotify" here as well even if it only worked in the UK for example.

Another aspect of being human is that we also sometimes make mistakes and apps that shouldn't be allowed are slipping thru and we are open to discuss them with you :)

I'm not talking about other languages. This site is literally ALL USA and it's really, really unfortunate. AlternativeTo is completely useless to 36.29 million people in Canada and 65.64 million in United Kingdom and 24.13 million people in Australia.

Sorry that you feel that way but we are really focusing on global apps and software and the "services" part is actually just a little side thing. We want to expand on that and we want to make that better but it's takes a lot of time and development effort to make it happen. Its also much harder for our admins and mod to approve stuff that may only work in certain countries and so on.

And remember this site is founded in Sweden and we have people that helps us from all over the world, so we are not some US based service that doesn't understand that the rest of the world exists.

Again, sorry if you feel that way but we are doing the best we can.

Best you can? An employee removed my forum post raising the issue.
Deleting the forum post is ignoring the issue, and doesn't let your users share ideas on how the site could be improved. As you know ,your users are how ad revenue is generated.

What forum post was this? We have asked around and nobody seems to know but we remove loads of stuff each day and some regular users also has moderator rights in the forum so it may have been some mistake from somebody, sorry for that but please continue the discussion here if you have more questions and / or suggestions. We are open to everything :)

The forum post was regarding geolocation. Can't you search by author and see what post I made? :)

Alternativeto has confirmed they "do not" allow apps restricted to a certain region, and the forum thread I made was deleted. I feel like something is covered up. Maybe I will make a new thread and send you a link (my word against alternativeto's)

My alternativeto review doesnt even show up publicly.

Ola, here is the discussion. Forum

** I have archived it since the alternativeTo team seems to have somehow permanently lost it.. http://archive.is/5cnQI **

Damn Near Perfect.

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Great site. Great community.

Accept no alternative!


love it

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i love this app, has help me a lot so keep it up guys it's great


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  • Great community
  • goto place when need advice on software
  • spots viruses/ prices/ and discontinued programs
  • user friendly
  • NONE