Academic Presenter is a software which enables users to prepare a special type of vector-based presentations. This unique software helps users to represents very huge graphs in addition to raster images, audios, and even videos. The software composed of two major sectors; the first sector is proposing handy tools to build graphs and frames in a minute. The second sector is animation which creates effulgence transitions in camera and elements for representing different parts of your presentation. The bottom line is that it is FREE.

What are the new features?
1- Adjusting time by using Onscreen Timekeeper
2- Adding Bookmark to a certain topic and recalling whenever is needed
3- Inserting PDF directly inside canvas and changing page by using keyboard
4- Writing on canvas by digitizer and reanimating at specific frames.
5- Adding hyperlink to labels
6- Improving stability and bug fixes
7- User Interface (UI) has been enhanced
8- Upgradable to a newer versions without further installation
9- Supporting wireless presenter
10- Transitions between slides
11- Canvas rotation is added when the selected object is rotated
12- Exporting Presentation file to PDF file format
13- Background music



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Official Website    Facebook


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In spite of the warning tag which your site displays beside the Academic Presenter, this program IS safe. As stated by the creators of this program in their site (see link) , the best anti-virus...

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