Simple and efficient cloud-based Single Sign-On (SSO) for employees by ‘bridging’ between the Identity Provider used by your company (for example, Active Directory) and the various 3rd party SaaS providers like Salesforce, Office 365 or Zendesk that your employees are using.

If your company is increasingly using cloud-based applications to help your employees get their job done, then giving them a solution that makes it easy for them to access those applications without having to sign in each time or remember a number of different usernames and passwords, has become critical. Gaining Single Sign-On for your employees to SaaS applications not only helps them get their job done more efficiently but it also helps your company act more securely, by limiting the number of usernames and passwords being stored (usually on post-it notes) and used and providing a single point of provisioning and deprovisioning.

Ease of access and security are what SSO for employees is all about.



Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Linux Online Android iPhone Chrome OS BSD Windows Phone Self-Hosted

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