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Spotify has launched a competitor to Clubhose called Greenroom

over 1 year ago by IanDorfman

Looking to get in on the casual drop-in audio social spaces app scene, Spotify has launched a new competitor to the popular Clubhouse app globally.

The service, appropriately titled Spotify Greenroom, is going for a simultaneous global launch in 135 countries, which is a stark contrast to Clubhouse and its limited region-by-region rollout. You'll be able to log into the service by using your Spotify account info regardless of whether you're a free or paid user. Anyone can create rooms to talk in regardless of their Spotify account type.

Like Clubhouse, Greenroom will feature both random and scheduled rooms with Spotify users as well as conversations with artists and athletes that users can listen in to. Gems are used in order to show how much people enjoy your rooms or content.

Greenroom is now available for both Android and iOS. More information can be found on, including what content is allowed or prohibited.

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Spotify Greenroom is a live audio app that lets artists, athletes and fans have conversations on topics they care about