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Google will no longer allow its account-based sync services on third party Chromium browsers

about 1 year ago by IanDorfman

Google will block access to its account-based syncing services for third party web browsers built on Chromium starting on March 15th, 2021. This includes vital browser data such as bookmarks.

The announcement was made via a post on the official Chromium blog. In it, Google Chrome Engineering Director Jochen Eisinger stated that the decision to limit API access was made following a recent audit of third party web browsers powered by Small Chromium iconChromium. Their support for Google services, such as Chrome sync and Click to Call, is incorrect. Such services "are only intended for Google's use," according to Eisinger.

After March 15th, 2021, Chrome APIs that allow for Google Account services will only be accessible on Small Google Chrome iconGoogle Chrome. In order to access Google Account-based data that has been used in third party Chromium browsers after this date, users must either switch to Google Chrome or download it from Google's My Google Activity page. Sync management, including the ability to delete the data, can be found at

Eisinger concluded the announcement with a link for third-party Chromium product distributors on what elements of the API are available for their products.


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