Cloudflare announces Waiting Room, a service to protect appointment sites from high traffic

10 months ago by IanDorfman

Website frontend Cloudflare has announced that it is releasing a "Waiting Room" service to help manage high traffic event registration.

The goal of Small Cloudflare iconCloudflare Waiting Room is to ensure that sites dedicated to scheduling appointments and reservations for events can withstand influxes of traffic. This is especially useful for essential services that are becoming more reliant on online pre-registration, most notably COVID-19 vaccinations.

Though the service will be available in the future for all manner of essential and non-essential event sign ups, it will currently be limited to customers that need it for COVID-19 vaccination appointment registration. Waiting Room will not require any code changes and can be implemented on any site "in a matter of minutes" according to the official announcement post.

Availability for the Cloudflare Waiting Room feature outside of COVID-19 sites and services was not given a defined time table outside of "the near future." General availability will see it expanded to users of Cloudflare's Business and Enterprise plans.


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