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The VOIP service Discord is introducing noise suppression tech during COVID-19

over 2 years ago by IanDorfman

In the face of COVID-19 and the world's ongoing social distancing efforts, voice and video chat programs have become the primary way for many to communicate both personally and professionally. This dramatic increase in growth is being felt by services like Discord.

Originally targeting video game enthusiasts, Discord has grown in scope and target market to include other hobbies, familial communication, and even study groups and virtual classrooms. Along with this widening, the number of daily active users has increased drastically.

According to a post the VOIP service's official blog, the amount of people using Discord daily has doubled (and then some) since the start of 2020. Because of this rapid increase in daily active users, service capacity has increased by more than 20%, and up to 50 people can watch an individual using Discord's built-in "Go Live" streaming function.

One of the major new features from this new scaling initiative, however, is built-in noise suppression powered by Krisp. Currently in early beta testing, enabling this feature while in calls will make it so Discord can detect and remove background noise from your surroundings. Ambient noises such as shuffling, vacuuming, and typing will be silenced so that your voice is all that other participants hear. This early beta test is being made available now due to the increased need for clear communication with others during this unprecedented time. The plan is for this noise suppression tech to be rolled out to 100 percent of desktop Discord users. Mobile users will also receive it at some point in the future.

Discord is free and available now for desktop, mobile, and the web via

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