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Tracktion Waveform 11 released with new freemium version

over 2 years ago by Ugotsta

Tracktion Software has released the latest version of their desktop DAW, Waveform 11. With this new release, the company has also introduced a free version, Waveform Free. It has the same core editing features and workflow and includes a 4-oscillator subtractive synthesizer and micro drum sampler.

Plugin sandboxing for Free and Pro versions

Both the Free and Pro versions feature all new plugin sandboxing to keep everything operating smoothly should problems occur with third-party plugins. Similar to DAWs like Bitwig Studio, plugins run within a sandbox of sorts so if they crash, the DAW will continue running. Those plugins can then be safely disabled and removed if needed. Plugins that are known to be stable can be designated as such to make things run a bit faster.

Pro features

The Pro version adds a number of notable new features including: ‣ an Arranger track for creating, naming, dragging and dropping song parts with ease. ‣ new MIDI tools including an advanced and highly configurable Arpeggiator and Chord Companion, a Note Repeater, MIDI Monitor and MIDI Filter. ‣ Quick Action Bar that lets users add buttons for actions they use frequently. It's fully configurable.

Topping off the Pro feature list, 122 new plugins have been added to the Artisan collection. Also coinciding with the release, the company has also recently published a number of free templates configured for a variety of use cases like Singer/Songwriter, Band Recording, Podcast, EDM (for electronic dance music) and House of Worship (a template for church worship services).

Other improvements have been made as well. Apart from increased overall stability, many new layout tools have been added to simplify and hone workflow for particular needs. And a new Edit Overview makes it easier to navigate a composition with a sort of scrollable, project minimap.

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