Draw.io's open source diagramming is moving to diagrams.net due to .io ethics & security issues

over 1 year ago by IanDorfman

Popular open source diagramming web app Draw.io is migrating away from its iconic .io domain name to diagrams.net in order to improve security and ethics.

The development team behind what was draw.io and will now become Small diagrams.net icondiagrams.net detailed their reasoning for the migration in a blog post. The main impetus for the move is a security issue inherent to .io top-level domains that the administrator behind issuing said domains has provided zero communication addressing. This complete lack of communication has caused the diagrams.net development team to lose their trust of the .io TLD administrator.

In addition to the potential for security issues, there are ethical issues concerning who is profiting from the sale of .io top-level domains. A report by Gigaom details how the British government collects the profits from .io TLD sales due to expelling the indigenous peoples of the Chagos Islands.

The transition from Draw.io to diagrams.net will be slow and last through all of 2020. The Draw.io domain name will continue to serve the diagramming web application without any redirects until the transition has fully completed. The announcement post recommends letting friends and coworkers know about the announcement so they can prepare for the eventual move. In the meantime, the team recommends you avoid purchasing .io TLDs for your current of future websites when registering them via services such as Small Namecheap iconNamecheap.

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