AnTuTu Benchmark and other AnTuTu apps removed from the Google Play Store

over 1 year ago by IanDorfman

Android smartphone and tablet benchmarking app AnTuTu Benchmark has been removed from the Google Play Store alongside two other apps by AnTuTu. This is due to the fact that AnTuTu and Cheetah Mobile are both operated by the same chairman and the latter company's continued violation of the Play Store's policies.

Small AnTuTu Benchmark iconAnTuTu Benchmark was removed from the Small Google Play Store iconGoogle Play Store within the past couple of weeks, with no comment from Google on the removal. When asked about the delisting by Android Police, AnTuTu responded with the following statement:

"AnTuTu was founded in 2011, even before Cheetah Mobile, and is one of the earliest Google Play developers. Cheetah Mobile invested in us in around 2014 and became one of our shareholders since then. However, we still retain a considerable account of shares and Independent operation of the company as well as our own independent Google Play account. Cheetah Mobile has never touched our Google Play account, and AnTuTu has NOT done any promotion of Cheetah Mobile's software.

We believe that the reason for Google's misjudgment is that we purchased and used the legal services from Cheetah Mobile, so our privacy policy link used the address of This is what we are working on, including changing legal supplier."

In the meantime, though the apps can be downloaded from AnTuTu directly, other benchmarking apps such as Small AIDA64 iconAIDA64 as still available via the Google Play Store.

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AnTuTu Benchmark

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AnTuTu Benchmark is a free benchmarking app that helps users delve deeper into their Android devices through hard numbers and solid facts. Benchmarks include:
User Experience (UX) - Gives each user a direct impression on smart device performance with detailed scores.

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