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Tiling window manager i3 version 4.18 released

almost 3 years ago by Ugotsta

The i3 window manager for linux has received a stable update to version 4.18. The update includes a bunch of fixes on top of workflow and documentation improvements and users are strongly encouraged to upgrade. The official release notes detail all the changes. They're mostly improvements across the board so we'll just mention a bit more about i3 in general along with some relevant linux distributions.

i3 is a tiling window manager. It organizes windows in tiled arrangements to make working with multiple apps easier. It's a very helpful workflow concept used in early versions of Windows and in recent years, has been reintroduced as window snapping (drag a window to a screen edge and it snaps in a tiled configuration). i3 focuses on and provides highly intuitive tiling features that can be controlled via keyboard.

Recognized for its great defaults, i3 is still highly configurable through a well documented config file. But for those wanting an even easier way to get started while using a familiar Ubuntu-like interface, Regolith Linux offers all the goodness of Ubuntu fully configured with i3 window management. Manjaro Linux also has an i3 edition to make things easier. Both are great options for i3-based distributions.

Further coverage on the update: Release notes

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i3 is a dynamic tiling window manager with clean, readable and documented code, featuring extended Xinerama support, usage of libxcb instead of xlib and several improvements over wmii.