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Google rolling out direct-to-YouTube game live streaming via Stadia

Google rolling out direct-to-YouTube game live streaming via Stadia

about 2 years ago by IanDorfman

When Google launched its Stadia cloud-based gaming platform, it touted not only download-free access to games without patches or installs, but also easier ways to share your gameplay and commentary with friends, family, and the gaming community at large. Today has seen a major step towards that original goal with the launch of YouTube live streaming.

Making good on one of the promises of the November 2019-launched service, Stadia will now support direct to YouTube livestreaming for all of its users, meaning that anyone that wishes to share their gameplay, including players and developers, will be able to do so directly from Stadia to YouTube.

By simply pressing a button on the Stadia controller, giving your stream a title, and indicating whether or not its content is acceptable for children, you can go live to YouTube with multiple audio options available that allow you to either stream just game audio, stream game audio with your voice, or stream game audio alongside your voice and the voices of anyone in your current voice chat.

The implementation allows for easy access to a live viewer count in the top left of your screen, but at the moment, you still need access to a second display or device to view your live stream's chat. It's also not yet clear if support for 4K streaming is yet available. It's also not confirmed whether or not the ability to mute in-game audio for streams will be implemented in order for users to avoid copyright issues with their broadcasts whenever licensed music plays.

Stadia to YouTube live streaming has started rolling out to users as of December 8th, 2020. It can be accessed alongside the Stadia service at

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about 2 years ago by IanDorfman

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