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Developers of Twidere developing a from scratch rewrite called Twidere X

Developers of Twidere developing a from scratch rewrite called Twidere X

about 2 years ago by IanDorfman

The developers behind the Twitter social network client Twidere have made a complete rewrite of the client, Twidere X, available via an early access build on the Google Play Store.

In an updated post on GitHub, Twidere development contributor Brad Gao described why Twidere X exists as a successor to the original rather than a simple update. Twidere X is being developed from scratch to support Twitter's V2 API. Gao promises to respond to feedback from the community, with accepted requests being added to milestones and implemented in the order received.

The original Twidere relies on various outdated libraries with limited compatibility with Twitter's modern interface. Although all of Twidere's features have not yet been implemented in the current early access build for Twidere X, the team will add them over the course of its development.

Twidere X is now available via the Google Play Store and the App Store's TestFlight program. Gao states that the Twidere X development team will "release a detailed document about the feature & limitation of TwidereX based on the new Twitter official API."

Further coverage: GitHub post

about 2 years ago by IanDorfman

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Twidere X is a fun, free, and open source cross-social platform client that supports Twitter.