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F-Droid free and open source Android app storefront is now 10 years old

almost 2 years ago by IanDorfman

The free and open source Android app storefront F-Droid celebrated its 10th birthday on September 29th, 2020.

F-Droid is known for its easily accessible repository of free and open source apps that can easily be installed on any device running Android without the need for accessing Google services like the Google Play Store. The site also focuses on showcasing privacy-respecting software and ensuring clearly labelled "Anti-Features" that are potentially undesirable or unwanted aspects of software, such as ads and tracking.

F-Droid is used by millions of people running Android on their smart devices, and is now built into some. On the same day, two alpha releases of the F-Droid app (client version 1.10-alpha1 and server version 2.0a2.

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The F-Droid Repository is an easily-installable catalogue of free and open source apps for Android. With F-Droid, it's easy to browse and install apps on your device, and keep track of updates.