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Version 4 of The Lounge cross-platform self-hosted IRC client released

over 2 years ago by IanDorfman

The Lounge, a cross-platform, self-hosted Internet Relay Chat client that incorporates modern features such as link previews and push notifications to the IRC protocol created in 1988, has just published its fourth major release.

The major overhaul of version 4.0 is its migration from using jQuery and handlebars for its client codebase. It now uses the Vue.js framework. Because of this major internal change alongside several other changes to The Lounge's internal code, this update is being considered both a major release and a milestone for the project. In addition, user-facing changes such as Unicode 12.1 emoji support and improved right-to-left text support have also been implemented.

What sets The Lounge apart from other IRC clients is its focus on applying modern conveniences to make using IRC an accessible experience for people accustomed to the modern niceties that other messaging services provide. In addition to link previews and push notifications, The Lounge also supports offline message viewing and queuing, a responsive interface on every desktop, smartphone and tablet that supports running Node.js, and synchronized states that allow you to continue right where you left off going from any one of your devices to another.

The Lounge is free and open source software with instructions on how to install and deploy your own instance via the project's official GitHub page.

Further coverage: GitHub changelog

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The Lounge is a web IRC client that you host on your own server. This is the official, community-managed fork of @erming's great initiative, the Shout project.