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Pulse SMS Android client is now open source

almost 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Pulse SMS, a web-based application that allows people to access their SMS text messages across a wide variety of devices and features seamless integration and messaging behavior customization per each of your contacts, has now made its popular Android release open source.

The announcement comes via a post on the sole developer's blog. In it, developer Luke Klinker describes his being a proponent of open source software, as well as how this move will benefit both developers and end users. Open source development of Pulse means that more than a single developer will now have access to the code powering an app downloaded by millions and used by hundreds of thousands actively. This larger contributor base ensures that the experience for the app on Android will be more stable and feature rich to complement the other platforms that Pulse SMS is open source on.

The Android version of the app is joining the following versions in its open source listing:

webiOSdesktop (Windows, macOS, and Linux) • ChromeTizen OS

The source code for the Pulse SMS Android app is now available to view and download via GitHub.

Further coverage: Klinker Apps blog post

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Access messages everywhere Whether you are working at your computer, reading on your tablet, or watching the game on your TV. Pulse is with you everywhere, so you never miss a message.