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Pharo 8.0, featuring across the board improvements, is now available

Pharo 8.0, featuring across the board improvements, is now available

about 3 years ago by IanDorfman

The eighth major numbered release of the Pharo programming language and development environment, which focuses on simplicity and instant feedback, is now available.

In the blog post announcing Pharo 8.0's availability, it was stated that over 75 people contributed to the main Pharo 8.0 release, showcasing the power in numbers that open source availability can provide projects that would otherwise not be able to thrive.

In this release, the Windows release now defaults to 64-bit as the recommended version, aligning it with the macOS and Linux kernel operating system releases. Additionally, Pharo's system browser and git client have received bug fixes and improvements, such as improved refactoring integrations and abstract syntax tree-based class definition suggestions.

Many other major highlights, including previews of the Spec2 GUI framework and the DrTests test analysis tool, have also been implemented. All in all, 2805 issues have been fixed by the more than 75 contributors to this release.

Pharo 8.0 is available now at

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about 3 years ago by IanDorfman

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Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language and a powerful environment, focused on simplicity and immediate feedback (think IDE and OS rolled into one).