KDE rallying to help Windows 7 users migrate to Plasma following discontinuation

almost 2 years ago by IanDorfman

As Windows 7 security updates are scheduled to end next week on January 14th, 2020, nearly a billion people that have refused or are unable to upgrade to Small Windows 8 iconWindows 8 or Small Windows 10 iconWindows 10 will find themselves on an operating system that is at greatly increased risk of having their computer exposed to bugs or more serious exploits.

In order to help solve this problem, KDE, a team behind operating systems powered by the Small Linux kernel iconLinux kernel, is asking its community to collaborate on ways to help people migrate to a version of Small KDE Plasma iconKDE Plasma outfitted with a theme that makes it appear and function quite similarly to the soon to be discontinued Small Windows 7 iconWindows 7.

Further developments are likely to be made in order to make KDE Plasma as comfortable and comprehensive an alternative to Windows 7 as possible.

According to a post on the KDE.news site, the team has set up a collaborative task to gather advice, ideas, and resources for getting people to migrate over from Windows 7. In order to set up as similar an alternative as possible, the following distribution and theme settings have been chosen in order to best approximate the iconic Windows 7 desktop environment:

• Plasma Theme: Seven Black
• Window Decorations: Seven Black
• Application Style: gtk2
• GTK Theme: Windows Se7en by Elbullazul
• Icons: Darkine
• Colors: Breeze Light
• Cursors: DMZ White
• Splash Screen: Feren OS
• Panel: 38 height
• Widgets: Default Apps Menu, I-O Task Manager, Stock System Tray, Feren Calendar or Event Calendar, Win7 Show Desktop

A video showcasing this configuration is available via PeerTube. These were chosen to make the transition as comfortable as possible for those that are not comfortable with changes in computer use.

KDE Plasma is available for download via KDE.org.

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Plasma is a cross-device work environment by the KDE Community where trust is put on the user's capacity to best define their own workflow and preferences.

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