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Steam Library overhaul public beta launching on September 17th

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

The Steam PC gaming storefront is about to roll out its largest ever redesign of its game library layout.

Announced by Valve's Steam development team, the storefront's new library will be available as an opt-in open beta test on Tuesday, September 17th. All users registered for Steam will be able to access it.

The obvious new feature for the update is a complete visual makeover for your Steam games library, from a redesigned home page to a new layout that applies to every single game in your library. The development team states that the focus for this overhaul is to give everyone "quick access to game updates, recently played games, friends activity and collections," meaning that you can get to the content you want with less effort.

In addition to the comprehensive overhaul, smaller details have also been given special attention. The redesign makes it easier to see which games your friends have been recently playing. This can also be seen right from your game library's newly designed home page. In addition to this showcase of your friends' activities, the team has taken care to strike a balance and ensure that you're not completely flooded with notifications about what games have recently been updated or which games your friends have been playing. That's why there's a new dedicated Events toolset that allows for game developers to create events to showcase on individual game pages without necessarily sending out notifications to every single owner of a game.

Ahead of the September 17th public beta availability, the revamped events and announcements editor is available for developers, and the redesigned pages for events and announcements are also available for users.

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