Jakarta EE 8, the first open source version of Java Enterprise Edition, is now available

Written 9 months ago by IanDorfman

In a landmark moment for open source Java development, the Eclipse Foundation has released the first fully open source version of Java Enterprise Edition, now called Jakarta EE 8.

Following Oracle's letting go of most of Java Enterprise Edition's intellectual property, the Eclipse Foundation was fast to develop the successor technology found in Small Jakarta EE 8 iconJakarta EE 8. The reason it needs to be named Jakarta is because Oracle retained the Java intellectual property naming rights.

"This release provides a new baseline for the evolution and innovation of enterprise Java technologies under an open, vendor-neutral, community-driven process. As a result, Java vendors, developers, and customers alike now have a foundation for migrating mission-critical Java EE applications and workloads to a standard enterprise Java stack for a cloud-native world."

Jakarta EE 8 follows the same specification and feature set that Small Java iconJava Enterprise Edition did, with additional enhancements made to accommodate modern cloud native application development.

Jakarta EE is available now, with its source code available via GitHub.

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