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Roblox hit 100 million monthly active users

about 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Roblox has achieved a milestone that even Minecraft has yet to accomplish: Over 100 million people log into it monthly.

The news was announced via a post via the game’s official newsroom. In addition, these 100 million monthly active users spend over a billion hours playing the game and interacting with the over 50 million creations made by other users.

In order to commemorate these milestones, the development team for the game released a limited time free cosmetic item for users to obtain via their catalog.

The commemorative post concluded by listing out some more interesting statistics for the game.

  • 50 percent of players update their in-game avatars each month
  • 50 percent of weekly active players play with their friends
  • 40 percent of Roblox’s user base is comprised of women
  • Roblox is available in over 200 countries
  • The game is playable in the following languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Spanish

In comparison to this impressive milestone, Minecraft is currently at an also impressive over 90 million monthly active users, despite the game being pay-to-play while Roblox is free-to-play. The game utilizes a freemium model (with an in-game currency called "Robux") in order to sustain itself and creators financially.

Further coverage: Roblox newsroom TechCrunch

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Roblox allows you to create games, build whatever you want with lego-like bricks, play other games made by users of the community, and even participate in the economy by trading, selling, buying, and collecting items.