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Framer Motion, an open source JavaScript animation library for React, is now available

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Framer BV, the developers behind the Framer design and prototyping tool, have announced and released Framer Motion, a JavaScript library for production-ready animations. This library actually helps power their flagship Framer design tool.

One of the major design problems that the development team behind Framer Motion feels that the software addresses is handoff. The post announcing the public availability of Framer Motion describes it as such:

"Designers often spend days perfecting animations down to the last spring, only to find that the finer details get lost during development. By using the same animation library in prototyping and production, you’re now guaranteed a truer and more efficient way to ensure your animations are always one-to-one."

Framer Motion's featureset is built off of the software that it is being touted as a successor to, the Pose and Popmotion libraries. This includes various aspects of creating animations, such as utilizing Popmotion's tween, spring, and inertia simple animations, to the retention of Pose's variant support for single props controlling complex animations across large React trees.

From support to familiar gesture animations such as panning, hovering, tapping, and dragging, to MotionValues that allow for tracking the state and velocity of every changing value without the need to constantly rerender, Framer Motion includes support for both typical and familiar techniques alongside more exotic quality of life solutions for web animators in an application programming interface that Framer BV hopes is accessible and desirable for both developers and designers to use.

Framer Motion is open source software, with its source code available via GitHub.

Further coverage: Framer blog

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