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Axure RP version 9 launches alongside Axure Cloud

Axure RP version 9 launches alongside Axure Cloud

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Popular rapid prototyping software Axure RP has launched its 9th version alongside a new cloud-based version of its tool set. The development staff for the software put out the following summary of new key features on their official blog post announcing version 9's availability:

• The new user interface is faster, simplified, more customizable, and also includes a dark mode so that you can work the way you want. The optimizations extend into the browser as well with a condensed, reorganized, and more performant prototype player.

• Interactions are now edited inline right in the Interactions pane, and the event and action lists can be quickly filtered via a search field. (The Interaction Editor dialog is still there too, requiring just a click of the window icon at the bottom-right corner of the Interactions pane.)

• In addition to several new styling options, including image color correction, radial gradients, and expanded typography controls, you can import assets directly from Sketch with the Sketch-to-Axure plugin.

• Quickly create mobile prototypes using device presets or your own custom page dimensions. Mobile prototypes emulate mobile device scrolling and touch in the web browser.

• It’s easier and faster to add and lay out widgets, either by selecting from the widgets in the Libraries pane as always, or by drawing widgets on the fly with the options in the new Insert menu. Dynamic distance guides show you exactly where to put things, and the new smooth-zoom canvas makes navigating your designs a breeze.

A full list of new features in version 9 of Axure RP can be found on a dedicated page on Axure's official website.

In addition to general availability, heavily discounted upgrade pricing is available for owners of earlier iterations of Axure RP so you don't have to pay the full price for the software if you already own an earlier version of it. Details for that are also set up on a dedicated page on the official site.

On top of version 9, Axure Software Solutions also announced a redesign of Axure Share that is now called Axure Cloud. This cloud-based system features native integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams alongside a dedicated Mac client, with a Windows client coming soon. It also allows for easily importing projects from Sketch.

Both Axure RP 9 and Axure Cloud are now available.

Further coverage: Axure's official blog

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

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