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Qt Group launches the Qt Marketplace for free and paid Qt extensions

almost 3 years ago by IanDorfman

The Qt Group, responsible for the cross-platform Qt application framework, has announced and released the Qt Marketplace for both free and paid extensions.

The goal for this marketplace, according to the official blog post announcing the release, is to provide a central location for developers that utilize Qt for their projects to easily find new ways to enhance their workflow and provide a sort of meeting ground for every aspect of the Qt development community, including those who use Qt for their projects, Qt extension developers, and publishers to provide new opportunities to distribute their Qt-focused products.

At the moment, the Qt Marketplace will only list software distributed by companies and not individual developers, but more features will be rolled out throughout 2020 and beyond, including the ability for individual independent developers to list their extensions. Both open source and commercial licenses on extensions will be supported by the marketplace.

The Qt Marketplace is now live at

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The Qt Marketplace is the way to access Qt extensions, including plug-ins for Qt creator, libraries and tools.