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MOTU has released Digital Performer 10.1

almost 3 years ago by Ugotsta

MOTU has released a minor update to its mainline DAW Digital Performer, bringing a bunch of much needed enhancements and fixes for version 10.1. It's a minor update, but it addresses a huge range of long standing concerns from users. It's also free for Digital Performer 10 users.

Early in the year with the initial version 10 release, MOTU introduced Clips for live performance arrangement. This was clearly inspired by Ableton Live but in the world of DAWs, Ableton and Bitwig Studio have remained two of the only other tools with that now familiar workflow so this was a welcomed addition. This latest version improves that useful tool with the ability to record MIDI or audio directly into respective Clips.

Another highly notable feature, version 10.1 introduces MIDI clips within Tracks. Practically every other DAW lets users arrange MIDI content using relatively short phrases. Digital Performer traditionally offered arrangement through a single stream of events but now includes phrase based arrangement via MIDI clips in Tracks. That traditional method is still available, and Clip contents can be Unpacked into regular, single-stream MIDI content. Or vice versa, regular MIDI content can be packed into Clips. Meanwhile, Clips are easily edited in place by pulling up the Clip editor which offers the power of the traditional MIDI editor but confined to the respective Clip.

MIDI editing has also been enhanced and note velocities can be adjusted easily with the new Velocity Tool. Meanwhile notes are now larger and easier to see and options exist to render them with an outline when zoomed out and to draw them with rounded corners. Other visual enhancements help as well; muted notes are clearer, non-active automations are translucent and note duration tails can optionally be shown next to velocity handles.

Like many other DAWs, Digital Performer now offers retrospective record where MIDI input is always being captured. Simply arm a MIDI track for recording, play your MIDI controller, then go to Region -> Retrospective MIDI Record to add your last played MIDI at the cursor. If the transport was stopped during performance, the tempo can be analyzed and fitted to the project tempo automatically.

Bounce improvements let you directly export busses and/or tracks to their own files. And the "Bounce Includes Audio Patch Thru" option even allows for capturing of real-time audio returns from external sources.

Other notable features: • Digital Performer is more efficient and common gestures such as dragging, scrolling ad deleting are much more responsive. • Pinch-to-zoom gestures are now faster on laptop track pads or via mouse scroll wheel. • New Hand tool lets users smoothly scroll graphic editors vertically and horizontally in a single gesture. • 23 new drum kits for the Model12 drum module including 10 electronic kits from popular vintage drum machines. • Quickly duplicate things like Clips, soundbites and notes using the new Duplicate command.

Further coverage: Digital Performer product page with details on the 10.1 release Full PDF changelog AdmiralBumbleBee blog post with lots of helpful details and illustrations

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