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Version 2 of SideProjects feedback site launches, includes redesign & reposting support

about 2 years ago by IanDorfman

The SideProjects website, which allows for open source software developers to give and receive feedback on their code, has been upgraded to version 2.0. In addition to site-wide performance improvements, several new features have been added as well.

A layout upgrade allows Small SideProjects iconSideProjects users to better track which developers of what software will be interviewed on the official SideProjects podcast, as well as view questions posed to the interviewees by users. The top rated questions will be given to the interviewees during their appearances. This is by way of a newly designed discussion module that's launched in 2.0.

Other site-wide improvements include support for a dark mode that's good for those of you that prefer lower light when browsing the web, as well as the ability to scroll through submitted open source code infinitely without the need to change pages. Additionally, if there are any Side Projects you're working on that you feel need updated criticism and comments based on significant short-term updates, you can repost them once every 7 days in order to ensure more visibility on the site.

SideProjects 2.0 also has oAuth support that allows you to register and log in using your GitHub, Google, or Twitter accounts. In order to help drive engagement, upvoting has been retooled as clapping, and clicking on the title of a side project now takes you to the post on the SideProjects website instead of to the software's website or Git repository directly. This aims to lower the barrier of entry for other people to leave feedback on your work.

The new version of SideProjects is available to browse now at For the time being, the old version of the site is also available at

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