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Uber adds guaranteed scheduled pickup for riders and read aloud messages for drivers

Uber adds guaranteed scheduled pickup for riders and read aloud messages for drivers

over 4 years ago by IanDorfman

Ride sharing app Uber is implementing new features in order to better assist the initial pickup process for both riders and drivers.

As Ryan Yu, Senior Product Manager for Uber, describes in his Uber Newsroom post, the taxi pooling app is implementing multiple features to assist both riders and drivers for the service to better find each other in crowded areas, as well as guarantee a pick-up time more in advance than before.

Spotlight will allow riders to light their phones up in specific colors in order to help drivers identify who they are in crowded areas or at night. The driver gets a message for what color to look for, and the rider can hold their phone up visibly for them. In the event that this spotlight feature cannot be used (if it's too bright out, if the rider and/or driver is colorblind, or for any other reason), the app has also introduced pickup messages. This allows riders to give drivers tips about what to look for when picking them up, as well as updates on their location to set expectations. These pickup messages are read aloud so drivers aren't distracted.

Riders can now schedule pick-ups in advance for more important or time-sensitive rides. Uber is guaranteeing these rides to arrive on time. In the event that no Uber driver makes it during the period a rider selects, they will get credit for their next ride at no cost.

over 4 years ago by IanDorfman

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