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Timehop app breached, 21 million users had data stolen

over 4 years ago by IanDorfman

The latest victim in a long ongoing string of data breaches, Timehop, an app that showcases users' social media posts from previous years on a per-date basis, has shared that 21 million of its users had their data stolen.

In a post describing the July 4th security incident, Timehop shared that "names, email addresses, and some phone numbers" of those 21 million users were stolen. In addition, the external keys that allowed Timehop to access each user's social network profiles from services such as Facebook and Twitter were also stolen. The company then states, however, that there is "no evidence" that these were keys were used for unauthorized account activity.

Timehop is recommending users to reach out to their mobile service providers to add a PIN to phone numbers and implement other security measures to prevent others from hijacking their phone numbers and mobile service accounts. The social network keys that were used for all of its users have been deactivated, so users will have to reauthorize the app for the social media platforms of their choice to continue using it.

Timehop's data breach comes exactly one month after another service, MyHeritage, had millions of its users' data compromised.

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