Google has released a web-based Chrome Canvas online doodle pad

Written about 2 years ago by IanDorfman

In an effort to include more built-in web-based tools into Chrome OS that take advantage of the now standard pen and stylus support that most devices that run operating system enjoy, Google has launched a new doodling app called Chrome Canvas.

Chrome Canvas gives users a responsive progressive web app that's constantly synchronized to their Google Account and accessible easily on Chrome OS, Small Google Chrome iconGoogle Chrome, or any other Small Chromium iconChromium web browser. Though simple and straightforward compared to other drawing apps that can be found on Android or other operating systems, it features dramatically less latency and doesn't require a download from any app store.

Currently, Small Chrome Canvas iconChrome Canvas can be used by visiting from any Chromium-based web browser (though, as of this writing, Firefox also works) or pre-installed on the Dev release channel for Small Google Chrome OS iconGoogle Chrome OS.

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