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Epic Games has delisted its Infinity Blade game trilogy from the iOS App Store

Epic Games has delisted its Infinity Blade game trilogy from the iOS App Store

about 4 years ago by IanDorfman

Epic Games, developers of games such as Fortnite and the popular Unreal Engine, has announced that, as of December 10th, 2018, the Infinity Blade trilogy of mobile games has been delisted from Apple's iOS App Store.

According to the announcement post by Epic concerning the delisting, the company states that "it has become increasingly difficult for our team to support the Infinity Blade series at a level that meets our standards." Because of this, Epic believes it is best to cease selling this trilogy of games and the in-app purchases within them.

Users that have already purchased the Infinity Blade trilogy can still download their contents as of the time of this writing. No device incompatibility has yet to be found, though this may very well change over time.

As a testament to the Infinity Blade trilogy, an iOS sticker set has been made available of it for free, and the titular Infinity Blade will appear in Fortnite as a melee weapon. No further plans for the Infinity Blade trilogy's potential future distribution were shared.

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about 4 years ago by IanDorfman

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Infinity Blade is an action RPG sword-fighting game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The first mobile game powered by the cutting-edge Unreal Engine 3, Infinity Blade takes handheld gaming to new heights with gorgeous visuals in a fully 3D castle realm.