Plex now supports in-app streaming from TIDAL, offering discounted bundled plans

almost 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Music library streaming service Plex has announced that it now natively supports TIDAL, the high fidelity audio streaming service.

This support integrates TIDAL or Plex Pass/Tidal combo subscribers' libraries with TIDAL's music catalog, showing recommendations from TIDAL for music not in a user's existing music library. This extends to, for example, listing the work you're missing of a musical artist you have in your library. It will also integrated TIDAL's 59 million song catalog into Plex's recently added artist radio functionality.

This integration also comes with new features for Plex. Two of these are universal playlists, which can incorporate songs from your own Plex server, shared servers, and Small TIDAL iconTIDAL, as well as universal search, which now returns results from TIDAL alongside your server and shared servers.

Other functionality, such as gapless playback, audio level normalizing, soft pauses, and more are also implemented. More details about this new functionality can be found on Plex's official blog post announcing its partnership with TIDAL.

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