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Giphy will soon allow users to upload 30 second long videos with audio

about 3 years ago by IanDorfman

GIF sharing service Giphy is about to join the hyper-short film sharing age.

Following the conclusion of its first annual Giphy Film Festival, the service shared 118 finalists via a new Giphy TV web page. Though the limit for these videos was 18 seconds in length, Small Giphy iconGiphy users will be allowed to upload up to 30-second videos to the service that can be looped like the now discontinued Small Vine iconVine video sharing service.

This Giphy TV page showcasing the 118 videos from finalists is a "soft launch," meaning that the ability for users to take advantage of Giphy's support for videos with audio will be coming next year.

This move follows Imgur's implementation of short videos with sound back in May. As with Imgur's implementation, the 30 second limit ensures that the services will not be competing with dedicated video sharing networks such as Small YouTube iconYouTube and Small Vimeo iconVimeo. However, a co-founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, is founding another service that will compete with Giphy and Imgur's new short video sharing functionality in the form of Small Clash iconClash.

30 second long video uploads with audio will be available to all Giphy users in 2019 for desktop and mobile users.

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