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Atom adds Git and GitHub integration

Published 5/17/2017 by Ugotsta

GitHub's massively popular text editor is getting more built-in powers via Git and GitHub integration. Available right now through the latest beta version, the integration is handled through the new GitHub package that provides easy access to common Git operations to avoid having to switch to the terminal or separate Git app. You can easily stage changes, create commits and interact with branches directly from Atom's UI. Meanwhile, GitHub integration lets you see pull requests associated with your current branch in a sidebar and can display details on issues or pull requests alongside your code.

As seen through this hackernews discussion, there's some disagreement among users regarding the focus on GitHub integration as opposed to general Git service integration like that offered in Microsoft's Small Visual Studio Code iconVisual Studio Code . It's a reasonable concern but it is GitHub's project and it could provide greater incentive for their continued development and advancement. GitHub is also arguably the biggest of the Git hosting services and is the first choice for code hosting among open-source developers as a whole, so the focus on the service would simplify workflow for that sizable user base. Worth considering too, as with other core packages in Atom, the GitHub package can be disabled.

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