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Google releases Guetzli JPEG encoder

Published 3/17/2017 by Ugotsta

From robotics and self-driving vehicle technology to home automation, Google has its hands in amazing advancements. One of those is the recently publicized Guetzli JPEG encoder. It's basically an enhancement over the oft-used libjpeg encoder, offering improved compression yet with arguably higher image quality. Google's official post shows some visual examples that speak for themselves.

Google's official post here:

There's a trade off in that the new encoder takes substantially more time to compress, but it can be well worth the cost considering it can greatly speed up load times on the web and in apps that use it. One lengthy encode can result in millions of quicker page loads or app downloads.

On a special note, the encoder received a warm reception on hackernews where the author of the original libjpeg offered encouragement, "...I think this has been a long time coming! More power to Google."

See the hackernews post here:

Guetzli on AlternativeTo