2021: Free Wireless File Transfer Apps (Personal List Best to Worst)

  • EasyJoin

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android Chrome ... Opera Mono Firefox Website

    Pro: Cross Platform, No ads/ Bloat, Connects on LAN and Hotspot
    Con: Paid
    Score: 6 / 7

    Share messages, links, files, folders and notifications easily and securely. Send SMS and manage phone calls from a remote device.

    What makes this app so different from other similar applications:

    • You don't have to login to an external server. You don't need an Internet connection. You are not tracked.

    • Your files and messages are shared between your devices using only your own WiFi network, preserving your data plan and safeguarding your data.

    • You do not have the hassle of advertising and your personal data is not available to advertising companies.

    • You can share files and folders from all file managers. It's the app that adapts to your habits and not the other way around.

    • You can create your personal WiFi network with one click.


    EasyJoin icon
  • Roamit

    Free Windows Android Android Tablet Windows Phone Microsoft Edge ... Chrome Firefox Website

    Pro: Free, No Bloat/Ads, Easy UI, Cross Platform, Connect Through LAN
    Con: No hotspots
    Score: 6/7

    With Roamit, you can send the webpage you're reading, or something that's on your clipboard, to your PC, mobile or even your Xbox¹, it'll open immediately. Furthermore, you can transfer your photos and files² as fast as possible, via local Wi-Fi network. The universal clipboard³ allows you to have a seamless clipboard experience between your PC and phone. Everything you copy on your PC will be mirrored to your phone, without even opening the app. However, if you don't want to use universal clipboard, you can also always send your keyboard content manually by simply pressing a button in the app. Roamit integrates with the Share menu, so you can share any content from any app, and access it from your other device. Roamit works best on Windows 10 devices running Creators update or above. Get Roamit on your other Windows 10 or Android devices from roamit.ghiasi.net

    ¹ Xbox only supports URL sharing at this time.
    ² In the free version, file transfer is limited to 5 megabytes per try. You can upgrade to premium via an in-app purchase.
    ³ Universal clipboard is a premium feature, but you can try it for 14 days before upgrading to premium.


    Roamit icon
  • Zapya

    Free Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... Windows Phone iPad Website

    Pro: Easy, Cross Platform, free, small useful bloat {control pc, view files on PC and take control of PC} connects on LAN and hotspots
    Mid: Some files don’t send properly, no respect for folders)
    Con: Mobile has annoying popup)
    Score: 5.5/7

    Zaypa is a cross-platform transferring and sharing!

    Using Zaypa will allow you to transfer files from Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Tizen, PC, and Mac computers in an instant. Zapya is super easy to use and supports multiple languages! File sharing has never been simpler!

    Share files from device to device without cables. Transfer files of any format and size for free across multiple platforms. (Android, iOS, Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OSX, Windows Phone 8.1 and 10, and Web)

    Speed: Zapya can transfer massive files between mobile devices with up to 5MB/second or up to 120 pictures in a minute. Zapya can transfer files without using cellular data over a LAN, WAN, or HotSpot.

    QR Code Sharing: Generate personalized QR Codes and share content through QR codes! Have others scan the QR to instantly join a group or start transferring!

    Anywhere: Like AirDrop, Zapya supports file sharing using MultiPeer connectivity so that you can share wherever you are!

    Multiple People: Zapya supports group transferring with up to five devices.

    Phone Replicate: Zapya can easily backup and transfer files from your old device phone to a new one.


    Zapya icon
  • Zapya Mini Share

    Free Android Website

    Pro: Easy UI, Cross Platform, Free, No Bloat, Connects on LAN and Hotspot
    Mid: Some files don’t send properly, no respect for folders)
    Cons: Ads
    Score: 5 / 7

    The app prides itself on being small, or in other words, less than 2MB, making it easy for users whose phones have limited storage to have access to our app. The small size does not compromise on file transfer speeds, making it one of the fastest file transfer apps out there. In addition to being a lightweight champion, our app also boasts the following features.
    • Group Feature: MiniShare has a create group and join group feature to facilitate quick file transfers between friends and family

    • Ultra-light: “Mini” is the key feature here: the app is only 1.8 Megabytes!

    • No Wi-Fi, No Problem: Don’t have the best internet connection? Don’t worry. MiniShare enables users with no Wi-Fi to transfer files with ease, also saving users money in the process!

    • Easy on the memory: The app does not run as a background application, thereby consuming less memory on your smartphone device.

    • Local Share: Need to share files in bulk? Select your files, let MiniShare make these files available by generating a hotspot, and lastly, users can simply receive files by scanning the generated QR Code

    • QR Code Connectivity: Connect MiniShare with a QR code function

    • Multiple Languages: The app supports m Chinese (Simplified), English, Spanish, Russian, Thai and Indonesian

    • Compatible with other applications: The application is also fully compatible with Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing on Android, iOS, PC and Mac platforms


    Zapya Mini Share icon
  • LanXchange

    Free Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Website

    Pro: Free, no bloat/ads, Easy UI, cross platform, connect on LAN
    Mid: Can only send less than 480 files
    Con: No hotspots)
    Score: 5.5/7

    A simple tool for spontaneous, local network file transfers.
    Supports Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and Android phones.


    • No setup required
    • Automatically detects files offered by other computers and displays them
    • Can transfer single files, folders or a combination of both
    • Allows transfers between different platforms/operating systems
    • Transfers files as fast as your home network allows to


    LanXchange icon
  • Liwi

    Free Mac Windows Android Website

    Pro: Free, Cross Platform, No ads/bloat, Connect on lan
    Mid: Easy-ish (hard to select a huge batch quickly
    Con: Hard to enable and connect through Hotspot
    Score: 5.5/7

    Liwi enables user to discover & connect devices on WiFi and transfer files across them.

    It discovers people who are using same WiFi and transfer files with speed ranging from 5-10Mbps without using any Internet. Liwi also allows user to explore the content on each other devices while keeping privacy in mind. It is like Windows Network Sharing or can be assumed as distributed dropbox over local WiFi.

    In case people do not have Wi-Fi also, Liwi can create ad hoc network on the fly from app itself, to transfer files.


    Liwi icon
  • Send Anywhere

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android ... iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Chrome Kindle Fire Website

    Pro: Easy, free , Cross platform, connects through LAN (through internet), No bloat
    Con: No hotspots, ads
    Score: 5/7

    A cross-platform file sharing service which allows users to easily share digital content peer-to-peer, in real-time, without cloud storage.
    Unlike messenger or cloud based storage apps Send Anywhere allows the end user to send as many files, of any file type and size, as many times as they want, across Android, iOS, and Desktop. Send Anywhere utilizes p2p networking to bypass cloud storage thereby making the transfer process more secure and quicker. Furthermore, Send Anywhere requires no login or registration - all that is needed is a one time six digit code that will sync the sending and receiving device.

    This simple, unlimited, instant file transferring app will make file sharing easier than ever before!

    No signup or login required—all you need is a 6-digit key to pair devices.
    Share any file type (photos, apps, videos, etc.), of any size, across all mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod) and PC(MAC, Windows, Linux) - https://send-anywhere.com

    ? How it works ?
    ? Sending

    1. Select a file and click “Send”
    2. This will generate a 6-digit one time key which you will share with the person you want to send the file to.
    3. Stand by.
      Tip: You can also send a push alert to one of the nearby/recently used devices in the list.
      ? Receiving
    4. Enter the 6-digit one time key on the receiving device.
    5. Enjoy!

    ? Remotely manage your PC files?
    With the My Devices release, you can remotely manage every Windows and Android device that you’ve registered with Send Anywhere. This means you can access files downloaded on your Windows computer from your Android phone as well as send those files to another device. This seamless process further simplifies your file transferring needs


    Send Anywhere icon
  • Filedrop

    Free Personal Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet ... iPad Website

    Pro: Cross platform, no bloat/ads, connects on LAN, free
    Con: Bad UI, no hotspots
    Score: 5/7

    Filedrop is a tiny and cute app for sharing stuff via wifi. Drop files to the computer next to you


    Filedrop icon
  • Dukto R6

    Free Mac Windows Linux Windows Mobile Android ... S60 Android Tablet Website

    Pro: Cross Platform, Free, No bloat/ads, Connect through Lan
    Con: Difficult UI, No connection through hotspots
    Score: 5/7

    Dukto is an easy file transfer tool designed for LAN use. Use it in everyday work to transfer files from one PC to another, without worrying about users, permissions, operating systems, protocols, clients, servers and so on… Just start dukto on the two PCs and transfer files and folders by dragging onto it’s window. That’s all. And its very quick indeed.


    Dukto R6 icon
  • Feem

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android iPhone ... Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Website

    Pro: Cross Platform, free, No bloat, connects on LAN and HotspotCon
    Con: Hard UI(UI is actually medium, no respect for folders) Paywall Features/ads)
    Score: 5/7

    Hi. My Name is Feem.
    I happen to be the best local file transfer app on Earth."
    Feem works like Bluetooth; but 50X faster.
    Feem sends files instantly from one device to another without passing through the Internet.

    Superhero Features:

    The Flash: Super Speed
    Transfer large files in record time. Feem is 50 times faster than Bluetooth. And around twice as fast as Dropbox.

    Superman: Unlimited File Transfers
    Transfer large files without breaking the bank. Feem works device, directly to device. No Internet. No File Size Limits.

    Captain America: Unbreakable Shield
    Transfer sensitive files in your LAN, without the Cloud. There are no servers to hack into. Plus, we encrypt all local transfers with TLS.


    Feem icon
  • SuperBeam

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Android Android Tablet Website

    (Free*, no bloat, easy UI, cross platform, connect through lan | no hotspots, banner ads/popup, *feature locked till you pay) 4.5/7

    SuperBeam is the easiest and fastest way to share large files between Android devices using WiFi direct. Devices can be paired using QR codes (with the included QR code scanner) , NFC or manual sharing key (PRO).

    No more clicks and manual approvals for connections. SuperBeam makes file sharing as convenient and fast as it should have been, because it is 2014 already!

    • Blazing fast transfer speeds using WiFi direct.
    • Pair devices using NFC or QR code scanning.
    • Sharing with devices that do not have SuperBeam through web interface.
    • Share single or multiple files of any type (photos, videos, zip files, APK's... You name it!).
    • Supports Android 2.3.3 and later.
    • Uses port 8080 for all types of transmissions, which means more compatibility on restricted WiFi networks.
    • Light and dark color themes.

    All received files are stored under "/sdcard/SuperBeam" directory by default, this can be changed in settings (PRO). Don't worry about duplicate files, SuperBeam will automatically add unique numbers to duplicate file names.


    Send files from your computer to devices that have SuperBeam easily and quickly, using QR code or sharing key.
    Easily receive from devices that has SuperBeam by scanning QR code (through webcam) or manually entering sharing key.
    Works with any type of SuperBeam app (PC or Android)
    Share with devices that do not have SuperBeam through web interface.


    SuperBeam icon
  • SHAREit

    Free Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet Windows Phone ... iPad KaiOS Website

    Pro: Easy UI, Cross Platform, free, connects through LAN,
    Mid: little bloat, LAN fails often, Hotspot fails often
    Cons: Mobile has ads

    SHAREit - An inter-phone transmission tool that has zero network traffic; Works even without internet connection and 60x faster than Bluetooth.
    The world’s fastest way to share photos, apps and more across devices…without network charges or Wi-Fi connection. Lenovo SHAREit eliminates the need for cables to wirelessly transfer information rapidly between devices – either with friends, or to take your personal content on the go.
    • Share everything with other devices – pictures, videos, music files, documents, contacts…even apps!
    • Devices with SHAREit can automatically find each other when in range.
    • Transfer HUGE files and videos in seconds …up to 40x faster than Bluetooth®.
    • Share without the need for Bluetooth, phone network or active Wi-Fi network…you don’t pay a cent for network charges. Devices wirelessly connect directly.
    • Even the app itself can be shared to other devices wirelessly, and rapid sharing can begin immediately.
    • Supports group sharing – up to 5 devices simultaneously. Instantly share a party video, music album or photo library to up to five friends at once!
    It much better than AirDrop! SHAREit supports not only Android phones,tablets, but also supports iPhone,iPad & even WIndows PC. It's a really cross-platform transmission tool!
    Please share responsibly. Transfer of copyright files are at the discretion of the user.


    SHAREit icon
  • Xender

    Free Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Website

    Pro: Free, no bloat, Easy UI|connects via web browser on PC
    Con: No hotspots, Mobile only big ads
    Score: 3.5/7

    Xender File transfer - World’s best phone to phone file transfer and app sharing
    Get the easiest way to transfer file and app from one phone to other with high speed, no need for cable or Wifi or cellular connection and completely free unlimited data usage.
    Xender is designed to meet the need of the users to transfer file seamlessly with other devices and also iPhone devices thus supporting cross platform transfers. You can share images, games, movie, videos, documents and even apps. Truly an amazing app because of the remarkable speed to file transfer. Demand for Xender is increasing day by day demonstrating more than 1 million users and 4.3 rating in Play Store. It support to listen to music, view images and play videos and transfer data in one click.

    Unique Features:
    “Phone replicate” can help you transfer a part or all of your contacts, apps, files, pictures, music, videos from one phone to other phone in just one click.
    Transfer speed is upto 50 times the speed of Bluetooth.
    Group sharing upto to 5 devices at the same time, and you can both share and receive data.
    “Slide” a feature to transfer pictures in sliding the phone.
    Supported languages are English, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Spanish.

    What it lets you do:
    Share pictures, movie, games, videos and apps anytime, without the need of cellular data connection.
    You can transfer all your data from old phone to new phone in one click using Phone replicate button.
    Add you user name and images.
    View you photos, listen to songs, and watch videos or movies.
    Connect upto 5 devices in the same time and share images in no time.
    Give a “buzz” to someone or “kick” someone out of the group.


    Xender icon
  • Fotoswipe

    Freemium Android iPhone Website

    Fotoswipe Flat UI, free, no bloat, Easy UI|connects via web browser on PC| No hotspots, Mobile only, popup ads) 3.5/7

    Instantly share photos across multiple smart devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets, etc.) with the swipe of a finger. The exclusive FotoSwipe technology allows you to select up to 10 photos, swipe them toward an intended device and you're done! Never text or email photos again.

    File Sharing

    • Photo transfer: compressed or full-resolution photo sharing
    • Video sharing: full size video transfer
    • Contact transfer: share specific contacts, or do a phone switch and bring them all at once
    • Send files of any type: docs, pdf, powerpoint
    • Send music and ringtones with audio sharing
    • Transfer apps: save the hassle of searching through the app store when you switch phones, and just send apps with FotoSwipe
    • Full phone transfer

    Reliable Data Transfer

    • Extremely fast file transfer, Peer to Peer technology - transfer large videos in seconds
    • Supports cross-platform file transfer and file sharing between Android and iOS devices
    • Send files Android to iPhone
    • iPhone to Android file transfer
    • Data transfer with your computer or tablet: no USB, no cables needed
    • Reliable: works with any Internet connection, Wi-Fi or network

    Phone Duplicate (phone switch)

    • Transfer your data from your old phone to your new phone with Phone Duplicate file transfer
    • Bring all of your content to your new device, even if you are switching platforms
    • Use our simple phone transfer process for video transfer, photo transfer, contacts transfer, music transfer, apps transfer, and file transfer

    No Data Usage Option

    • FotoSwipe intelligently transfers data using peer to peer technology whenever possible, which saves your mobile data when photo sharing and video sharing
    • Option to further restrict data usage and only transfer when it won't use your mobile data

    In Proximity or Far Away

    • Send to your favorite devices even if they’re not next to you
    • Share your vacation photos and videos with family back home


    Fotoswipe icon
  • SendSpace

    Freemium Mac Windows Linux Web Android Website

    Pro: Free, no bloat/ads
    Con: Connects via email Difficult UI, No hotspots
    Score: 3/7

    SendSpace is the best way to send large files too big for email attachments to friends, family and businesses, anywhere in the world. We have grown to become the preferred file transfer network for millions of users.

    SendSpace is available online, on desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux) as SendSpace Wizard and on Android.


    SendSpace icon

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